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The Italian Journal of Research on Colombaccio (I.J.W.R.) is an international journal dealing with problems of research, migration, census, biology, ecology, anatomy, physiology, conservation of woodpigeons species (Columba palumbus). The main fields of interest are original documents, review articles and discussions on research methods. Letters to the Editor, Information, progress reports, personal comments and short notes or news are also accepted. The texts are published on the responsibility of the author. Innovative and even controversial ideas are appreciated.

The Journal exclusively online, is free for readers and open for free to the authors, even if not dependent on academic institutions, according to the “citizens’ science” policy.

The official language is English. The papers proposed in Italian,French,Spanish languages  are accepted if supported by large summaries in English.The Journal is supported by automatic translation.

We  suggest to use Links ( texts – references ) to integrate the right  reading .

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IJWR will be as experimental for the first year 2018 : suggestions will be welcome .

The proposed contributes must be sent by email ( Word and/or pdf )  to the publisher (read and accept the instructions)  : EMAIL to CITATION : Authors,Title, IJWR 2018,vol.1.

The text should be structured as follows:

– abstract

– keyword

– Introduction

– Materials and methods

– Results

– Discussion

– Conclusion

– Summary (optional)

– Bibliographical References – Web References – (*)

Email of a corresponding responsable Author ( mandatory )


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Honorary EDITOR

Przemyslaw  BUSSE (*) – Poland

(*) Birds Migration Research Foundation



Consultant EDITORS                                              

  1. Alexander MISCHENKO -Russia
  2. Iaanus ELTS – Estonia      
  3. Elias GONTIKAS – Greece
  4. John REID – Australia
  5. Izabella RZAD – Poland
  6. Silvio SPANO’ – Italy
  7. Jose Gregorio Hernandez BAENA – Spain
  8. Pedro Moreno MORGADO -Spain
  9. Vital SAKHVON – BelArus
  10.  Djamel BENDJOUDI  -Algerie
  11. Aitor BILBAO – Spain 

EDITOR in chief


Managers EDITORS  –Club Italiano del Colombaccio : Enrico CAVINA “Colombaccio Scientifico CIC“ – Rinaldo  BUCCHI – Sauro Giannerini – Denis Bianchi –  Graziano Giovanetti – Vasco Feligetti -Luca Bececco  – check also CONTACTS